Scenes of the World
Every artist is inspired by and through their subject matter. The satisfaction of seeing an image develop from a glob of paint is impossible to describe.

For more than five decades I have been able to travel to many parts of the world for business and family vacations.

My travels have taken me to Europe, eastern Asia, Hawaii, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and to the four corners of the this great country.

The best way to show my viewers, and clients the beauty of all these places is by painting the Scenes of the World.

I hope you enjoy my work, or better yet, purchase an original or print for your collection.

Don Henderson
Telephone: 214-808-6214
About the artist
I am part of a family and extended family of artist. I began painting in 1978 and was able to pursue my passion for painting full time after my retirement. For many years, I have participated in workshops and private lessons from Jerry Yarnell. Currently I live at Inverness Village Retirement Community in Tulsa.

Every Artist is inspired by and through their subject matter. I have traveled extensively and the beauty of these travels are reflected in many of my paintings.

Each year I display and sell my paintings at various shows, including Art on the Main, Jenks, Oklahoma; Utica Square, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Downtown Edmond Art Festival, Edmond, Oklahoma; and Paseo, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I have been selected to be the featured artist at The Canebrake, Wagoner, Oklahoma for November 2015. Past shows have included locations in Texas, Florida, Arkansas and Missouri, resulting in my originals being sold nationally.

I began my work with realistic paintings, but my inventory has expanded to include both abstracts and impressionistic pieces. The abstracts are done in watercolor and ink. My other work is done in acrylic and/or oil.

About Atrium Art.
Due to the increasing value of your purchase, most people prefer an original painting. In some instances however, a print of the original is appropriate to reduce cost, or to give as a gift. Atrium Art offers high quality prints on canvas (giclées) or matted prints on paper. They can be framed (at an additional cost) or unframed, and are available in various sizes.

These prints start with the highest quality photography. The original is taken to a professional printer for matching the colors and printing. Prints are usually made in standard sizes to help the customer avoid the additional cost of custom framing.

Prices vary on prints by size, and type of material, and are numbered to add value to your purchase.

Original art pieces are most often acrylic, but oil, watercolor, and mixed media (acrylic and watercolor) are also used depending on the subject of the painting. Subject matter is varied and offers many opportunities to bring a painting to your home or office that adds beauty and class to any décor.

You are invited to visit the Gallery to view photographs of my paintings. You may click here or the Gallery link above.

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